LegalZoom is the No. 1 online legal services company in the USA. It offers easy, low-priced, personalised legal solutions and has helped over 2m small businesses and individuals across all 50 states. See how LegalZoom is planning to expand its disruptive position with our backing…



Why we backed them

  • To create a clear market leader in the online legal services segment, with a high market share
  • To utilise an attractive opportunity in the small and medium business legal services market, which is a US$90bn industry in the very early phases of an offline to online shift
  • To make the most of the strong market they are operating in, which has high barriers to entry
  • To build upon the resilient growth that the business has demonstrated over a number of years

The investment strategy

  • To expand the total market by investing in product and service developments
  • To increase subscription-based revenue to approximately 50% of the overall revenue mix
  • To establish a customer-centric organisation
  • To build new product manufacturing

The metrics


Acquisition year


Transaction value