At exit, Freescale was a global leader in embedded processing solutions for the automotive, consumer, industrial and networking markets. It has a heritage of innovation and product leadership spanning more than 50 years. See how Freescale achieved its goal of being an embedded processing leader with our backing…



Together we achieved

  • Strengthening of management team and business unit leaders, resulting in a transformation of culture
  • Focus on large, high-growth market-leading business opportunities
  • An increase the depth and breadth of its customer relationships
  • Development of existing and new intellectual property to form a leading Internet of Things portfolio
  • Leverage of their asset-light strategy

This was accomplished by

  • Increasing its footprint in Korea, Japan, Mainland China
  • Transforming the business into a fab-lite manufacturer, reducing the number of sites from ten to three
  • Establishing a new leadership team and re-allocating research & development initiatives that resulted in all five business units reporting double-digit growth in 2014
  • Merging successfully with NXP Semiconductors NV which closed in December 2015

The metrics


Acquisition year


Exit year

Gross Margin Growth

2014 - 38%
2010 - 48%