Ferretti Group

The Ferretti Group is a worldwide leader in designing, manufacturing and selling luxury motor yachts – and Permira’s backed them twice. We supported them first in growing from a family business into a successful IPO, increasing the value of production from €57m in 1998 to €188m in 2000. At exit in 2007 (following further backing in 2002), Ferretti was the worldwide leader in luxury motor-yachts in 5 continents with 9 brands and almost €1bn of sales it worked on nine brands across five continents.



Together we achieved

  • The evolution of Ferretti into a worldwide market leader through consolidation of 14 companies in one successful group
  • The transformation of the company from an entrepreneurial business into a truly managerial company
  • The continuous expansion of the business and full consolidation
  • The exit in 2007, generating 2.3x cost

This was accomplished by

  • Making strategic acquisitions in each key sub-sectors such as Itama, as well as ensuring integration into key activities including boat painting and furniture making (Pinmar and Zago)
  • Enlarging the manufacturing footprint by opening new sites (Cattolica for Ferretti, La Spezia for Riva, Morini for CNR, Torre Annunziata for Aprea and Fano for Pershing)
  • Making significant investments in new models: on average, nine per annum
  • Strengthening the organisation to support organic growth


The metrics


Transaction value


Acquisition year




Exit year

CAGR entry to exit

Sales - 21%
EBITDA - 17%