Total committed capital


P6 fund size


Re-up from P5 capital into P6

The Permira funds’ investor base comprises many of the world’s leading corporate and public pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies and other institutional investors. Most of these have invested in multiple Permira funds, which have a total committed capital of €33bn.

Type of institution

Pension funds - 63%
Other financial services - 30%
Investment Managers - 7%


North America - 47%
Europe - 30%
Asia & Rest of World - 23%

A direct relationship with investors

We understand the importance of maintaining strong, direct relationships with investors. That’s why we make sure we keep people well informed with regular, relevant communications.

Our Investor Portal contains detailed information on the Permira funds and portfolio investments

Any enquiries please contact: Chris Davison Head of Investor Relations Tel: +44 20 7632 1000