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Permira believes that a focus on sustainability is an important part of building lasting value in the funds’ portfolio companies.

Environment, social and governance (“ESG”) and sustainability matters are considered throughout the investment process and are expected to be a key part of the governance of the funds’ portfolio companies. Permira expects the funds’ portfolio companies to deploy sound ESG practices in their operations. Permira also engages with portfolio company management teams post-investment and through the investment period to understand how ESG risks and opportunities are being managed by the Permira Funds’ portfolio companies.

Integrating ESG through the investment process

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Asset selection & origination

  • ESG screening and analysis of portfolio investments and teams


Diligence & deal execution

  • ESG forms part of due diligence carried out by investment teams including compliance, liabilities, reputational issues, risks and opportunities. Potential issues and mitigation measures explored with support from ESG specialists
  • External advisers engaged where required
  • Material ESG matters integrated into value creation plans for monitoring over lifetime of investment


Value creation & monitoring Business transformation

  • Material issues raised in due diligence addressed by portfolio company management teams
  • Engagement with portfolio companies, including through ESG reviews and site visits to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Financial and non-financial data gathered, monitored and addressed where appropriate



  • Detailed consideration is given to progress made by portfolio companies on ESG during the life of the investment
  • Consideration given to information for an exit process and sensitivities of likely acquirers

Industry  engagement:

Permira is a signatory to the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (“PRI”) and reports annually on its progress in integrating ESG in its investment processes.

Read the PRI transparency report 2019 here

Adinah is the Chair of the BVCA’s Responsible Investment Advisory Group and a member of Invest Europe’s Responsible Investment Roundtable (Affiliate Network).

*Employee and enterprise value data for the current Permira funds’ portfolio companies in aggregate as at 31 December 2016

Founding partner of Social Business Trust

Permira is proud to be a founding partner of Social Business Trust, a partnership between eight leading global businesses.

Social Business Trust (SBT) supports outstanding, established UK social enterprises with financial resources and high-calibre professional support, enabling them to achieve sustainable growth on a national scale.

22 inspiring, innovative social enterprises have received more than £15 million of cash and in-kind skilled support from Social Business Trust since it was founded in 2010. In that time, the number of beneficiaries supported has soared from 5,000 to more than 1.4 million with significant further growth forecast. SBT is recognised for the depth and quality of its work and the impact that has in improving people’s lives.

Permira staff are deeply involved in many different aspects of SBT’s work, contributing their time and expertise to support the social enterprises with sustainable growth, a contribution of which we are incredibly proud.

Involvement with ground-breaking charity – Off Road Kids

In Germany, our Frankfurt team is currently working with Off Road Kids (ORK). ORK is a leading relief organisation for run-away children. It supports a ground-breaking new education project set up by founder, Markus Seidel.

ORK has created the country’s first academy for youth workers and we are hugely proud to support them. Not only has the project helped address the gap in the education system, but it has also reinforced the core of the organisation’s comprehensive charity work.

Supporting European Venture Philanthropy Association

Permira supports the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA), a not-for profit membership association established in 2004. The EVPA is a network of organisations interested in or practising social investment and venture philanthropy across Europe. The association currently has over 210 members from 29 countries, mainly based in Europe, but also outside Europe, such as United States, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Asia.

The strategic objectives of the EVPA are to:

  • Co-create a well-functioning eco-system for societal impact
  • Increase funding and expertise coming into the Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment space
  • Increase effectiveness of Venture Philanthropists and Social Investors
  • To achieve these, EVPA’s activities include annual conferences, webinars, training academy courses and member peer learning events.

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